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Say goodbye to traditional menus

From now on you can do wonderful things that were previously impossible with paper menus


Change the price of your salmon dish when the kg of salmon has been more expensive that week.

Deactivate breakfasts from 12 in the morning, so that they no longer appear on the menu. Or activate the cocktails from 10pm.

Deactivate certain dishes during the week, and then activate them again on the weekend when you have more influx of customers.

Do you have a raw material that is going to go bad? Promote the dish (put it as a chef’s suggestion or lower the price) to take advantage of it!

Show photos of all dishes. Having exotic dishes, difficult to explain or with unusual names, will no longer be a problem.

It has been proven that human beings tend to pay less attention to the price of the dish when their mouth is watering when they see the photo.

And all this 100% online from anywhere.

Create your style!

Make your customers eat for the EYES and not for the PRICES

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